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War veterans' pensions should top the funding list

I think it is completely unacceptable that war pensions for our sick and/or disabled veterans are to be frozen from next year, as the Government says they need to cut back on public spending.

Our Government should be doing everything they can to support and look after our military veterans as they get older, or in their time of need.

These are the men and women that were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe.

I think our Government really needs to get its priorities in check. The UK Government currently sends over £250m to India in foreign aid every year.

This seems completely ridiculous when they are freezing our Army veterans' pensions. I say this is ridiculous, as India currently has a space programme worth over £600m.

Last year, India launched a rocket into space at a cost of around £250m, which is around the same amount of money India currently receives from the UK in aid and over the next five years. India also plans on investing £137bn in upgrading its huge rail network.

Does our country really need to be freezing pensions for our sick and/or disabled Army veterans?

Or do they need to stop sending our money to countries like India that clearly do not need it?


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