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War with North Korea would be catastrophic


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

US airstrikes in Afghanistan killed 16 women and children on August 11 - with eight of the dead from one family.

However, it's North Korea we should fear, because North Korea is developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, something the US was doing shortly after the Second World War with the help of hundreds of former Nazi rocket scientists.

War with North Korea will undoubtedly kill untold numbers of civilians, as every conflict in the last 80 years has done.

We can go back to the first Gulf War, where Mark Fineman reported seeing entire city blocks levelled and bomb craters "the size of football fields".

Reporting from Libya in 2011, Mahdi Nazemroaya described parts of Tripoli as looking like the set of a post-apocalyptic movie.

Syria isn't the exception. Neither is Yemen. Neither was Indochina. But war with North Korea will be different.

The surgical strikes won't wipe out wedding parties, as has been happening in Afghanistan, where, at the latest count, six wedding parties have been hit since hostilities began in 2001.

Presumably, the North Koreans will rejoice when Pyongyang is "liberated", as Libyans were shown to do in a BBC report when Tripoli was "liberated" - until it was pointed out that the cheering crowds were actually waving Indian flags as stock footage from India had been used in the report. War is a sham and a propaganda play from the first threats to the last civilian murdered.

Are we really going to sit back and watch as yet another country is destroyed and untold numbers are murdered on the orders of our very own government?

louis shawcross

Hillsborough, Co Down

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