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Warm praise for cold advice

At a time when many people are disappointed in the services being provided by their local councils, I would like to praise the Housing Executive for the excellent response they provided during this unusually cold weather.

I awoke on Wednesday morning to find my pipes completely frozen. I called the Housing Executive, who stated that many people were having the same problems. They said they would be unable to send a repairman, but they did provide me with some excellent advice.

The woman on the phone gave me very clear directions. She was very polite, patient and apologetic. I followed their advice and did get my pipes unfrozen.

While many local services are simply giving up, the Housing Executive took a problem, which they were unable to solve for everyone individually, and gave exact advice on how to fix it.

I hope other local organisations will follow this lead and find a way to help people help themselves through this difficult winter.


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