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Was bull out for centuries' old revenge?

The injuring of 40 spectators at a bull-fight in northern Spain should serve as another reminder that this sickening cruelty is permitted in part of the European Union.

While the injuries inflicted by the bull are shocking, one has to ask: is it really appropriate that in the 21st century we still have public events in which animals are literally tortured to death?

I cannot help thinking of this incident as the bull's revenge for decades of horrific, organised abuse by human beings for their twisted pleasure and entertainment. I hope it encourages other parts of Spain to follow the example of the Catalonian parliament's recent decision to ban bull-fighting.

Unfortunately, the promoters of this barbarism are powerful people and will continue to glamorise the Corrida, fostering the erroneous impression that the activity revolves around a brave matador fighting a bull, risking his life in the pursuance of a glorious time-honoured tradition.

The reality is different: the bulls are weakened prior to entering the ring and then repeatedly stabbed with spears and lances before the 'hero' in his splendid costume and swishing cape gets to plunge his sword into its pain-racked, exhausted body.

Apart from the suffering endured by the animals, this form of cruelty debases the people who participate in it.

What the bull did to those fans at the Spanish arena was a pale imitation of the savagery we humans mete out in the name of 'sport'.


Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports

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