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Was DUP's line on Maze just an election stunt?

Unsurprisingly the DUP, in the shape of Jeffrey Donaldson, once mocked by Peter Robinson at an east Belfast branch meeting, is run into the wall over the glorification of terrorists through a shrine at the Maze.

If Mr Donaldson is correct in his assertion that there will be no shrine, can he explain how, or why, the following statement was used by DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds in the run up to the last Westminster election?

Mr Dodds said: "However it is dressed up, whatever spin is deployed, the preservation of a section of the H-Blocks, including the hospital wing, would become a shrine to the terrorists. That would be obnoxious to the vast majority of people and is something unionist people cannot accept."

This statement is clear and there is no ambiguity around it. Was it made to help ensure Mr Dodds' election? If not, then why was it made?


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