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Was handshake the price of IRA shrine at Maze?

In the run-up to the overrated Queen/McGuinness handshake, Peter Robinson publicly intervened to tell us that Her Majesty doesn't do deals, supposedly reassuring the unionist community that, for all Sinn Fein's negotiations, Her Majesty wouldn't be bought.

I was never worried, or even concerned, that Her Majesty could be bought, I simply expected the DUP to pay whatever price was demanded.

Now I believe that expectation has been vindicated. During the Assembly recess, Peter Robinson now confirms the Maze shrine to terrorism will, after all, be built.

The focus of the conflict resolution centre there will be the rewriting of history and the justification of the IRA murder campaign from 1969 to 1994.

One only needs to consider the refusal of Sinn Fein, or the IRA, to comment on the events of Bloody Friday, or the proposed prosecutions of soldiers from Bloody Sunday, to see where Peter's Provo Theme Park will lead.

Peter Robinson may now say that there is nothing to fear from the shrine to terrorism at the Maze, but it was his party that first identified the problem, so what's changed?

Was one handshake with the Queen enough?


Millisle, Co Down

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