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Was Muslim being hypocritical in Nolan debate?

HERE is an attempt at rhetoric which I would like someone with a bit more intelligence than me to attempt to destroy.

For the purposes of argument, let us agree/concede that Pastor McConnell was/is somewhat intolerant of Muslims and/or Islam, with or without justification.

Now, what he said about Islam is no worse (and certainly less aggressive) than what is being preached by intolerant imams about Christianity – not only in Islamic countries, but also in our own United Kingdom.

Thus, for a Muslim representative on the Nolan TV debate to accuse Pastor McConnell of insulting him and other Muslims is both hypocritical and, I contend, an attempt to deceive (because of his silence in not readily volunteering examples of atrocities being perpetrated on Christians by Muslims in many parts of the world).

It was thus not unreasonable for the pastor to imply that the Muslim representative should not be trusted and, indeed, if he truly represented a section of Muslims in the UK, it would not be unreasonable for the pastor to also tar them with the same brush.

I think the pastor won the discussion, but could have done much better if he had been a bit sharper. Perhaps he felt intimidated by what appeared to be a hand-picked, politically correct audience, who were in denial of what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers died for at the Somme: namely the preservation of our culture.


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