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Was Nelson outraged by party's climbdown?

I read with interest Nelson McCausland's claim that the Liofa bursary was "flawed from the outset" and "set up in a drip-by-drip fashion as a very clear Sinn Fein initiative" (Comment, Jan 12).

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I turned on the radio only to discover that DUP minister Paul Givan had found the money for Liofa.

Doubtless, Mr McCausland was as outraged as I was that a scheme with, as he put it, "no coherent programme, no thorough plan and no figures to work with" would receive such backing from his colleague. Will Mr McCausland keep quiet about a matter which exercised him so greatly?

If he stays silent, surely one is entitled to ask what other things he and the DUP will accept to placate Sinn Fein. An Irish Language Act? The Maze shrine? The rewriting of the history of the IRA terror campaign?

This climbdown is but a taster of how the DUP will be prepared to roll over to Sinn Fein/IRA in a desperate attempt to keep the Stormont show on the road.


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