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Was Seawright a 'brethren' too?

AS the battle for the hearts, minds and, most importantly, the votes of Scotland's electorate enters the final straight, Mervyn Gibson, the assistant grand master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, has understandably thrown the full weight of the Orange Order behind the campaign for Scotland to remain within the Union.

Mr Gibson said: "Scottish brethren stood beside us during the Troubles and we need to stand by them when their place in the Union is under threat politically." (News, September 3).

The late George Seawright was one of those Scotsmen. He was a Belfast councillor, Orange Order member, lay preacher and elder of the John Knox Free Presbyterian Church, who had been expelled from the DUP for making sectarian comments about Catholics.

He once suggested that Belfast City Council should purchase an incinerator "and burn Roman Catholics and their priests".

On another occasion he climbed onto the roof of Whiterock Leisure Centre in west Belfast and took down the Irish national flag.

Can we take it that the Rev Gibson was not including Mr Seawright as one of those who "stood beside us" during the Troubles?



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