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We all must act as Egypt on brink

THE world needs to act at once to prevent another disaster like Syria. Egypt is on the edge of a conflict that could completely destabilise the entire north of Africa and drag the entire Middle East into the conflict, as well.

If that happens, not only will the recent democratic uprisings be overturned, but the casualty count will rapidly enter the millions. It would be the worst loss of life ever, dwarfing the First and Second World Wars combined.

I propose that an emergency meeting of the UN security council be convened immediately to vote on intervention.

If Russia, or China, tries to block the motion, then every available member of the African Union armed forces should be directed to Egypt.

This should be supplemented by 200,000 members from the EU armed forces and also 200,000 members from the US.

We failed to act in Syria and the death toll now stands at more than 100,000. We cannot make the same mistake in Egypt.


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