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We all need help to find a job, not just ex-terrorists

If it was not bad enough that terrorist murderers walked free from prison early after the Good Friday Agreement, we now have Maurice Fitzgerald (September 7) calling for these people to be given special privileges in the job market because some are now being linked with "non-military" crimes.

I would like to hear what Mr Fitzgerald proposes we do to help other jobless people with criminal convictions, myself included, getting back into work? Or are we not entitled to work because our crimes were not for some "cause"?

I am applying for two to three jobs a week but getting nowhere.

Certainly no one at Stormont is helping. They just believe in putting up hurdles rather than knocking them down. They recently decided that, after 25 years of service, NIACRO was no longer good enough to receive a share of our EU funding. This meant it had to shut its Jobtrack programme in Portadown, which helped offenders gain qualifications and helped with job searches, interview techniques and CV building.

I am from a unionist background, but received little to no support from local representatives of unionist parties. No one in authority is helping me.

To hear someone call for ex-paramilitaries to get special help is sickening.

Fed-Up Unionist


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