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We are a great nation with responsibilities that we must honour by remaining in the European Union

Sir Winston Churchill said that the price of greatness is responsibility. Perhaps no people paid that price more than those who fought for peace in the Second World War.

Perhaps no one achieved greatness more than Churchill himself. Perhaps no country has shouldered responsibility more than the UK.

We must recognise our greatness. We must address the moral and philosophical questions that Brexit poses. We must appreciate our history and our inheritance.

Some 383,700 Britons paid the ultimate price to secure freedoms that are almost too hard to appreciate. The EU consolidated these freedoms.

The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize acknowledged this and looked to the future. We must preserve our incredible and hard-fought inheritance.

To leave the EU will create uncertainty and instability within the UK and the EU. It will create the paths and the impetus for other countries to leave the EU.

The EU is so much more than a common market and free trade between European countries: it recognises that, as Europeans, we are truly brothers and sisters.

It is an emotional and familial bond. With France and Germany, we are not parents, but elder siblings. Keeping the family together strengthens us all.

Our responsibility and duty to remain honours those who fought to achieve the greatness we have.

It recognises our ever-continuing responsibility for peace and harmony. It exudes, reveals and continues our greatness.

And, so, we must ask: what price would we pay for that?


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