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We are adding to problems on CO2

World scientists and others are meeting in Paris, hopefully to limit the rise in the Earth's temperature to less than two degrees. We wish them well. Or do we?

Belfast City Council often operates its high-energy TV screen, even when no one is watching. Armagh City Hotel serves continental apples rather than those grown locally.

Even in clement weather some taxi drivers wait for customers with their engines running; lots of commuters drive to work rather than cycle; and many use electric hand-dryers.

The Department for Social Development ignores advice on solar panels when building a health centre, south-facing, on the Ballysillan Road. The Department of the Environment manages to build a two-lane exit for cars on Victoria Street, but cannot find room there to build even a single cycle lane.

All are examples of how we consume, pollute and add to already rising CO2 levels and of how we thus exacerbate the problems.



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