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We are faced with a return to terrorist activity

I AM both angry and disappointed at the current political impasse where the most conspicuous 'achievement' of the ruling parties has been to demonstrate how well they can wreck devolution and, by putting the interests of parties first, expose the people they were elected to serve to a bleak and unstable future.

The long-suffering people of this province are now faced with the return of terrorist activity and direct rule - unsatisfactory in the past and likely to be worse now in the hands of a reluctant Westminster Parliament which could not be expected to produce any favours for us, particularly on jobs and the economy.

The ruling parties have not even given the public a clear explanation of the nature of the issues in dispute, or an explanation as to how these undisclosed issues are sufficiently important to justify the risk of destroying the hopes for the future of the vast majority of our population.

However, it does appear that the DUP, presumably to avoid the risk of losing the Orange vote, regards the rights of a minority to parade to dominate the rights of the majority to have a secure, peaceful and prosperous future.

As a unionist, I was saddened even more by the contrast on TV after the talks between the self-righteous attitude of the DUP and the contrite, apologetic words of Martin McGuinness.