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We are in peril of losing democracy

Far from turning freedom of conscience on its head, as Brian McClinton says your editorial did, it is he who seeks to do that by saying that "genuinely liberal-minded people want to ensure there is open and free debate" referring to gay rights.

Are these the same people who, for example, target Christian B&B owners by taking them to court, even though they know they could have gone to any number of other B&Bs?

Surely by now people must begin to see that a cause which seeks to silence its opponents by intimidation and threats, has something innately wrong with it, and is far from being liberal-minded?

Far from wanting state censorship of "undesirable opinions", as Mr McClinton alleges, Christians simply want the freedom of conscience this country has always allowed up until recently, and the day the state denies that, we leave democracy and enter totalitarianism.

Mrs S Wilson


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