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We are none of your business Dr Marlowe


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

How dare Dr Sean Marlowe, from Dublin (Write Back, June 6), think that he can tell the British nationalists here in Northern Ireland how to vote?

He may think that Sinn Fein is the answer to his prayers, but they are certainly not the answer to ours.

It was the south of Ireland which decided to break away from the UK in the early 1920s, so put up with it and please keep your nose out of our affairs.

The overall total of votes to leave the EU were greater than the votes to remain. Again, get over it.

That is democracy. The south of Ireland chose to join the European Monetary system and we did not.

That was your mistake.

We are still doing well. We are not afraid of losing markets around the world.

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We will attract more markets from around the world.

You are right about one thing only.

Britain plundered every country that she invaded.

But - and it is a big but - she left that country much better off than she found it. She gave them education, democracy, justice and civilisation.

What has Sinn Fein ever done to make the country better (or the world, for that matter)?

If anyone is for something in Northern Ireland, you can bet the farm that Sinn Fein will be against it. So, please, Doctor Marlow, from Dublin, keep out of things that don't concern you.

We are educated here, too, and we can think for ourselves without interference from the likes of you.