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We are opposed to Marie Stopes abortion clinic

As ministers and elders of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland, we wish to express our opposition to the opening of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast. Our reasons include the following:

We believe God, not man, has the ability to declare when a human life begins.

We believe that the Holy Scriptures are clear that human life begins at conception. Such criteria as 'viability' could be applied equally to many human beings outside the womb, such as the sick and elderly.

Compassion for expectant mothers in very distressing circumstances can never justify attributing to her a right to take the life of another human being: the child in her womb.

Marie Stopes International has a long track record of supporting expectant mothers' supposed 'right' to decide whether to kill their child or allow it to live.

It is the duty of all those in authority, north and south, to ensure that this institution is not allowed to kill infants in the womb of mothers in their midst.

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