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We can help ease plight of Syria refugees

Imagine you were forced to leave your home? Given no option but to pack everything into one bag and to leave Northern Ireland.

That is exactly the situation that more than 500,000 Syrians have been forced into.

Into Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan they continue to pour, in search of safety and shelter from the bombs and bullets that have killed 60,000 people. Three-and-a-half thousand crossed into Jordan last Wednesday alone.

Their homes destroyed and lives shattered, they are eking out an existence, in homes and camps with no heating, or furniture.

Should this really be the fate of ordinary, innocent people? To swap one misery for another?

We urgently need to bolster the aid response to get help to the growing numbers of people in desperate need. From the UK and Irish governments to Belfast Telegraph readers and ordinary individuals the length and breadth of Northern Ireland, I urge people to give what they can in that spirit of generosity towards others in crisis for which we are renowned the world over.

Along with local organisations, Oxfam is trying to help thousands of families through this difficult winter period; but we could do so much more with your support.

We cannot put an end to the fighting. But, with the right determination and resources, we can help make things better for the many Syrian families who have lost almost everything.


Chief executive, Oxfam Ireland

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