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We can make our minds up about fracking

Although the people of Fermanagh have clearly stated they don't want fracking, and although Fermanagh District Council has voted in favour of a moratorium, we are told that decisions like that cannot be left to us.

Richard Moorman, CEO of Tamboran, stated publicly that: "The state wouldn't let anyone who doesn't have an expertise in geology and engineering make such complicated decisions ... "

We, the apparently stupid people of Fermanagh, are assured that these guys have a miraculously precise engineering ability.

I think that perhaps Tamboran's geologists and engineers didn't have their wellies on when they were viewing the fields in west Fermanagh. How otherwise could Richard Moorman, while describing the construction of their 24-well gas pads, have stated: "Gravel is laid perhaps three inches deep over a large area."

Seriously. He thinks they won't sink into the bog up to their armpits. God help us all.


Tempo, Co Fermanagh

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