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We can't forget past and vote for shared future while sinners like McGuinness never apologise

letter of the day: repentance needed

I refer to your correspondent the Rev Colin Hall Thompson (Write Back, February 9). I quote his words: "We are called to work with people who have changed their spots."

I suspect that he is familiar with the Biblical quotation, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" (Luke 12:2).

Martin McGuinness, who was branded the 'Bogside Butcher' by the former First Minister, Peter Robinson, has a great number of skeletons in the cupboard and numerous unanswered questions.

I have never heard that McGuinness ever apologised, or repented, for the major part that he played in the terrorist campaign.

Hall Thompson says we need to forget the past and vote for a shared future. God will not forget his past - any more than he will forget your past. I wonder if he is reading from the same Bible as I am. If Mr McGuinness repents and confesses his sin, he can be forgiven. But the consequences of his evil can never be blotted out.

As a former cleric in the Church of Ireland (and currently senior chaplain with the Mission to Seafarers), the Rev Thompson's chief calling is to be faithful to Scripture and point out that only the blood of Christ can cleanse from all sin and that sinners must repent.

We will all stand before the throne of God and the books will be opened and all skeletons in the cupboard that are not confessed and repented of will condemn us to a lost eternity.

I say that on the authority of God's Word.


Templepatrick, Co Antrim

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