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We deserve right to vote for UK political parties

As Gail Walker (DebateNI, Jan 6) makes clear, we won't know what impact our vote in the May general election will have in choosing the Government in Westminster as the local parties will trade their support. So that, for example, if we vote DUP we won't know if they will prop up Tories or Labour.

She then dismisses Labour and Conservative parties fighting here, stating: "That's never going to happen because, well, we don't want it." Gail should consult the Belfast Telegraph's own Lucid Talk poll of May 2012.

Respondents were asked the question: "Should UK and Irish parties like Conservative, Labour and or Southern Irish political parties like Fianna Fail, Fine Gael contest elections in Northern Ireland?"

Support for UK parties fighting elections here was 43%. Support for elections being confined to Northern Irish parties only was just 40%. Labour Party electoral politics are suppressed here by the party. It is not enough just to know what the DUP or Sinn Fein are going to do. I want the democratic right to vote Labour!


Secretary, NI Labour Party (NI CLP)

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