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We just can't afford to back a dead language

Your correspondent, Janet Muller, the director of Pobal, (Letter 03 April) calls for Westminster to introduce an Irish Language Act to Northern Ireland and talks about the proposed Act being costed at "what may be unrealistically low levels".

Ms Muller needs to get a firm grip on reality. Northern Ireland now finds itself with a rapidly collapsing health service and disintegrating infrastructure.

Years of mismanagement have drained Northern Ireland of funds and, with the devolved Assembly collapsing for the second time, there is no real budget to even make an attempt at improving things.

Ms Muller's organisation demands an act that diverts what little funding is available to support the use of a dead language and funny accents. All this in monophonic Northern Ireland, excepting a few Polish, Lithuanian, Cantonese speakers and others.

Is it any wonder voters feel a great anger at the proposed waste of taxpayers' hard-earned money.

There is nothing wrong with studying and speaking Irish and Ulster Scots. Both are part of our heritage. But essentially these languages and accents are studied and spoken as hobbies. Now is not the time to divert funds to support people's hobbies.

Alan Love


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