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We live in a pit of inefficiency and segregation

The decision by four of the five Executive parties to overrule an Alliance minister's perfectly efficient, integrated and sensible reform of teacher training will remove more than £11m from our Budget - enough easily to keep a large number of community groups and projects open.

The failure to reach agreement on a mitigated welfare reform package will cost £18m during this election campaign alone, enough for a specialist cancer drugs fund.

The mismanaged Budget and ongoing borrowings up to the maximum limit will cost an estimated £35m - enough to increase public transport funding by the amount it is currently being decreased.

Deloitte, in a recent report, suggests that over £1bn per year is wasted on segregation; although it should be noted the above figures are about inefficiency, not just segregation.

That is before we get to the withdrawal of the Maze development, the legal costs of enforcing outrageous blood bans, the moving of departments when they are about to merge anyway, and so on.

The DUP and Sinn Fein are using the campaign trail to tell potential voters that, after the election, they are off to London with the begging-bowl to ask for more. If you were the UK Government, would you hand over even more money into this pit of inefficiency and segregation?


Alliance candidate in South Belfast

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