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We may follow suit if Scotland leaves the UK

A RECENT survey in Scotland revealed that, if it made Scots just £500 per year better off, then two-thirds of them would vote for independence.

This figure is amazingly low and it seems to show that allegiance to England is so weak that a mere 3%-4% increase in people's income would be enough to persuade them to leave the UK.

If Scotland leaves the union, I doubt England will want to keep this very costly, rather fractious and slightly embarrassing place (Northern Ireland).

In the event that England does get out of here, we will have to negotiate our place with the rest of the people of this island.

The squabble about whether we are British or Irish would be gone. The two tribes here would be preoccupied with our very economic survival.

Who knows: perhaps, after the undoubted financial and identity pain, things will eventually be better for our children.


Portrush, Co Antrim


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