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We must address 'religion of hate'

While not approving of the proposed actions of US pastor Terry Jones, what has disturbed me greatly is the lengths to which the West has gone to appease Islam, the so called 'religion of peace'.

The West has propagated this myth since 9/11 in the face of damning evidence to the contrary which conclusively proves the bottom line that Islam is a religion of violence.

Events in Gainesville and around the world have shown that the West is afraid of the ruthless violence against Christians, Jews and allied servicemen should the proponents of Islam feel that they have been insulted.

Having already witnessed the international Islamic furore over the Danish cartoon issue, we need to be aware of the violence this allegedly 'peaceful' religion is capable of.

We must also not ignore how its adherents are prepared to treat with disdain the memory of thousands of innocent civilians murdered by Islamic terrorists in New York.

How different was the world's reaction when, in 2002, Palestinian gunmen desecrated Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.

The international community bent over backwards to condone their actions and eventually arranged for their release overseas.


Tredegar, Gwent


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