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We must all stand up to the scourge of racism

Less than two weeks ago, I was one of more than 1,000 supporters of our Northern Ireland international football team, which travelled to Budapest in Hungary.

It was a memorable trip, not least because of the famous victory, but because of the warmth and hospitality of our hosts.

Budapest is a diverse, welcoming and lively city with a night life that we could only dream of in Belfast.

After a game they had lost, the Hungarian people stood to applaud the travelling and bouncing 'Green and White Army' as we left their national stadium and returned by bus to the centre of their beautiful capital.

This was a great occasion.

Yet today I feel ashamed to be from Northern Ireland given the disgusting and despicable attack on Hungarian nationals living in our capital city.

Maybe the next time we travel to Hungary the reception will not be as warm and who would blame them?

We must all work to rid our society of the hatred that leads people to do such things against those who might differ from them.

This cannot continue and we must all stand up to be counted in this.



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