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We must all unite to fight homophobic bigots

Jim Wells, who claimed that people who attended Belfast Pride were "repugnant", pulled out of a scheduled event at the west Belfast Feile, not wanting to face protesters angry at his comments.

Every year, the Feile has a West Belfast Talks Back event, where politicians from all the main parties are invited to discuss current issues. This year's event was overshadowed by the invitation given to Mr Wells - vice-chair of the Stormont health committee - who believes a whole community to be repugnant because of their sexuality. Not wanting to confront people furious at his bigotry, Mr Wells went for the easy option and bowed out of the debate.

The protest was organised by People Before Profit, gay rights activists and trade unionists from Unite. The fact that Mr Wells didn't show up is a significant victory for people-power and shows the potential we have to push back these dinosaurs.

Every time Mr Wells is speaking at a public event, we will organise pickets, just like the one outside St Louise's - trade unionists, gay rights activists and everyone interested in fighting for equality has a stake in fighting to ensure that Mr Wells no longer remains in office legitimising homophobia.

The protest at St Louise's showed that only when people get organised and stand together can we fight homophobia.


People Before Profit


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