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We must break down the taboo of depression

The apparently deliberate crash of the German jet sends shivers up and down the spine (News, March 28). It is truly something extraordinary, something beyond the imaginable.

This calamity seems to highlight the heavy burden of depression. We human beings are bound to experience colossal events in our lifetime that could lead us to depression.

Depression is widespread in the world. Scandinavia, for example, has one of the highest rates of depression and psychiatric disorders in the world, despite being wealthy.

Regrettably, depression remains a taboo for most people. Mental health patients are often stigmatised, negatively stereotyped and ostracised.

These societal ills lead them to hide their illnesses, and subsequently deny them fair access to treatment facilities, and deprives society of the full potential of these individuals.

We need to break out of the shell, break down the taboo of depression and rid our societies of the stigma surrounding mental health issues; all are prerequisites for healthier, fairer and more productive societies.


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