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We must commemorate victims, not their killers

THERE has been a lot of heated discussion about commemorations that honour people who killed other people.

But it is the victims that need commemorating, as they have lost their lives at the hands of others.

Why, indeed, are there not more victim-commemorations taking place in Northern Ireland for those who were innocent victims of the Troubles?

There is a litany of republican commemorations of 1916, attended sometimes by members of the Irish government.

Perhaps, by remembering the victims of the Troubles who were not in factions, Northern Ireland will begin to realise how sick it is.

There are murals everywhere. But why is it that the walls are not covered in pictures of the victims of Omagh and other acts of amoral violence? Pictures of these people need to be painted, so that they may be remembered. Maybe there should be a cenotaph for innocent victims and a wall of shame for those who didn't give a damn one way or the other.

Victims' families are trying to come to terms and heal their souls, not have them ripped open again.

Individual victims do not seem to count for very much – never mind be remembered.

Murderers are much more likely to be remembered. How twisted is that?

Let innocent victims always be remembered first. And those who have killed them remembered for what they have done.


Shanbally, Co Cork

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