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We must deal with all the Muslim extremists


So President Obama thinks the world is a safer place after the death of Osama bin Laden? I don't think so. The end of bin Laden should bring no relief to those in the West.

He was only a figurehead as his 'second-in-command', it seems, has more operational influence over the various jihadi 'franchises' that make up al-Qaida. Bin Laden's 'martyrdom', however, may well posthumously raise his profile in terms of radicalising Muslims worldwide and the UK, in particular.

In saying this, I am more concerned about the UK and its softly, softly approach to extremist elements in the Muslim community. Some recent examples include the UK's inability to deport certain radical Muslims who have been accepted in a court of law as serious risks to the UK due to 'human rights' issues and an English chief constable having to issue a grovelling apology to local Muslims after a CCTV system was installed without consulting them.

All this hand-wringing will do us no good when some radicalised Islamic jihadi decides to detonate themselves in a crowded shopping mall in bin Laden's name. The Wikileaks disclosures about the UK being at the centre of the jihadi effort in Europe should come as no surprise.

It should also come as no surprise that the UK and Europe, with their slavish and bizarre adherence to the human rights of Islamic terrorists, will be the objects of vengeance - not the US.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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