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We must fight to end fuel poverty

News that increasing numbers of people are being driven into fuel poverty should be no surprise.

As a charity which helps people in need, at Elizabeth Finn Care we see first-hand the devastating effect a hike in fuel prices can have on already struggling families.

Sixty per cent of the people we have helped say that before they came to us they had not been able to keep up with bill payments. More than half say they had been forced to miss one of their recommended three meals a day.

People are choosing between heating and eating and in a modern this shames us all. It is time greater pressure was brought to bear on power giants in respect of their support for the vulnerable.

Although we are in the middle of summer, the winter is only a few months away and there are millions of people out living in fear of the arrival of their heating bills.

Will they be able to find the money to pay them? For too many, the answer is, sadly, no.


Elizabeth Finn Care


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