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We must have real debate on funding of arts

Langdon Pike makes quite a valid case for improving arts funding for classical music and opera in Northern Ireland.

It is most disconcerting that vast amounts of public money is continually wasted on silly projects, such as that ridiculous object at the roundabout by the Royal Victoria Hospital, or learning how to mispronounce the English language (Ulster-Scots).

One would think it better to learn how to speak one's own language correctly so that visitors may understand you.

On my visits to Northern Ireland, I keep hearing certain words mispronounced, such as 'offen' instead of 'oven', 'sponner' instead of 'spanner', 'haund' instead of 'hand' and wonder how on earth people understand each other, or for that matter, communicate with those abroad.

The whole topic of culture needs more debate, not just here but across the UK.

I gather the 2012 Olympics have taken much-needed funding from the arts. Improving arts funding makes sense.

So many talents have left Northern Ireland in the past, never to return.


London SW1

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