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We must have right to choose over GM foods

STEVE Connor (Comment, June 4) is quite right that it's "put up, or shut up" time for GM (genetically modified) foods. But he's got it the wrong way around.

It's high time that those who are so keen that we buy and become dependent on this expensive '"technology" put up proof that it's safe, before we undertake yet another massive and unpredictable experiment with our one and only ecosphere.

The idea that something should be considered "safe" just because no-one has yet shown it otherwise would not wash with Airbus, or Boeing. Why should it with Monsanto, or Bayer?

Thalidomide, Lindane and DDT were declared safe on this basis, as were many other similar products which later turned out to be anything but.

If the benefit is great enough, then perhaps we may take the risk, as with, for example, a polio vaccine, but not otherwise.

Then there's the issue of choice: if Steve Connor is happy to eat these products, then he is free to do so.

But others must have the freedom not to and to know when their food is tainted.


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