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We must look to Europe for waste options

Congratulations to Environment Minister Edwin Poots looking outside Northern Ireland to see best practice for dealing with our waste.

Continental Europe is way ahead of our thinking and prejudices. We all seem to agree that we make too much waste and that we take the simple dumping option too often.

Belfast has an ideal site for building a bright new clean Waste into Energy Plant, right up with the leading environmental and efficiency standards, and capable of heating/lighting many local houses, as well as reducing the environmental damage caused by transporting waste elsewhere. There is also the additional cost to the Belfast ratepayer - estimated at some £2m-per-year.

This site is supposed to be the base for an Environmental Business Park where future business could focus on the potential requirements of the environmental industry, but two local political parties have unsustainable anti-positions.

I don't want to live in Ballygobackwards - let alone pay extra and avoidable rates for the privilege!


Belfast City Council


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