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We must stand up to the Saudis

With allies like Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies? We have shamefully tolerated its playing of the destructive sectarian card against "apostate" Shiites. The merciless attacks on Shiite worshippers by Sunni jihadis occur with sickening regularity in Iraq and Pakistan. Now they are happening in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait.

Despite our policy of appeasement, terrorists continue to attack Westerners and the perpetrators are invariably Sunni. In the meantime, the Saudis are bombing not Isis, but Yemen's Houthis.

Our policy of trying to topple Assad's secular regime plays well in Riyadh, but risks triggering a refugee exodus of Biblical proportions from government-controlled areas and the end of Syria's ancient Christian community.

It's time that we stopped cringing before the Saudis. Our weapon-makers and those who live off Saudi largesse will protest, but they should be ignored.


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