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We must stop seeds of hatred being sown

We have woken up yet again to horrendous news from France. There will no doubt be attempts to blame everyone, from the French government to Left-wing media, and calls for many more controls to make us "safer". Controls which will only provide an illusion of safety.

The only people to blame are those who commit these horrendous acts and those who incite them. There is no magic solution.

France has banned the burka and imposed a state of emergency, but it has not prevented more problems, so the narrative of Marine Le Pen solves nothing.

However, we have to face the reality that Isis needs to be destroyed - militarily and financially. Only a return to respecting the value of human life, tolerance and love for fellow human beings will, in the end, bring us back from the brink.

The hate crime we are seeing at the moment may not be the same as Isis in outcome, but if people are allowed to plant a seed of hatred we are allowing a forest of hatred to develop over time.

It's our collective job to stop it.


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