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We must stop segregating our children

The pictures on local television news on Friday, September 17 were the happiest I have seen for a long time.

I was almost overcome at the sight of children (unfortunately already badged with religious and political ideologies beyond their innocent comprehension) laughing happily together through a curfewed gateway in a Belfast park.

Adults who have imposed, or permitted others to impose, sectarian hatred on children have inflicted a heinous form of abuse on their innocence.

We now owe it to those children to help those in any way engaged in the vital work of ending this vile form of child abuse.

Whatever of the past, it has to be said that those engaged in interface efforts to end tensions in this divided community have shown courage and made a meaningful contribution to the diminution of inter-tribal violence. Those happy children mixing together was the fruit of their efforts.

May they continue with their good work.




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