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We must unite to end debt misery

Surely the EU 'leadership' has now been irrevocably exposed for what it is - a motley crew of local-area enforcers for the self-serving agenda of the transnational financial elites.

Lack of regulation has allowed the global financial system to become a vampire, sucking the economic blood out of countries and citizens through the open wound of debt.

The mountain of debt that is suffocating Europe is the legacy of the banking collapse of 2008, when private gambling debt was forced on to ordinary people to pay as public debt.

But, instead of national leaders coming together to collectively put a stake through the vampire's heart, they congratulate themselves on feeding it victims to keep it alive.

There will be no end to debt and its attendant suffering for innocent citizens until the people themselves come together in mass movements to face down the ruthless might of corporate vested interests and insist on the return of stability, equality and democracy to the Western world.


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