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We need an informed debate on Europe

As someone who is a proud British citizen, I wish to strongly repudiate the words of Harry Stephenson (Write Back, November 12).

I myself have many issues with the European Union, which I firmly believe can only be resolved by continuing Britain's democratic participation.

It is high time many in the United Kingdom realise that we aren't a great empire any more, nor can we function as an isolated nation.

Treating immigration as a threat to Britain, or more specifically to British families and our homes, only encourages more xenophobic scaremongering designed to ignore the real issues.

Illegal Immigration is a serious problem; however, we must remember that these are human beings we are discussing - not invaders trying to destroy our country.

My ethos as a British citizen is to take responsibility for our colonial past and accept that we live in a diverse society that we should embrace, rather than fear. Being British is about being kind, tolerant and accommodating.

We should have a choice of whether to remain in the European Union, but that choice should stem from an informed look at the realities.

If a proper discussion on the EU was to occur, the case would be much clearer, so leave out this mindless attack on internationals who travel to Britain in search of a better life. It's not right to blame others for wanting a better life.


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