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We need clarity over flying of Union flags

Doug Beattie's publicised removal of tattered Union flags in Craigavon and his impassioned piece in the Belfast Telegraph (Comment, April 27), noting that the true meaning of the Union flag is not as some territorial marker, need greater clarification.

Is Doug Beattie suggesting that he has no time for the aggressive and intimidating flagging of lamp-posts, two and three deep, throughout the Upper Bann area in the coming months? Or is it just the ragged ones that offend him?

Mike Nesbitt accused the DUP of "dog whistle politics" (Comment, May 2). We know where the DUP stand on this issue. But is the UUP up for change? Or is it still answering the call of the Orange and loyalist dog whistle when it comes to blanket flagging of areas?

Is Doug Beattie prepared to put his head above the parapet and condemn aggressive flagging?

Or would he rather stick knitting needles in his eyes than have the courage to address the issue head-on?


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