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We need commitment to Magee campus

We write to express concern and frustration in Derry regarding the lack of progress on the expansion of the Magee campus of the University of Ulster.

We feel it is important to highlight the absence of any tangible progress made by the University of Ulster authorities towards the development of the campus, which is in marked contrast to the advanced stage of the new campus at York Street in Belfast.

While we have no objections to the development of facilities at York Street, we do not believe it should be at the expense of the promised development at Magee.

The Magee expansion and increased student numbers have been identified in the North West regeneration strategy – the One Plan – as a crucial plank of Derry's economic regeneration over the next decade. In a recent response to Sinn Fein queries, the University of Ulster outlined a number of initiatives which, it claimed, was evidence of its commitment to the development of the Magee campus.

Quite simply, its response did not inspire confidence that it is seriously committed to the required level of development at Magee.

If this is the case, it would be preferable that the University of Ulster states that position clearly, thereby allowing those interested in development of a real university in Derry to explore all viable alternatives.

MEP Martina Anderson 

Foyle MLA Maeve McLaughlin

Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney

Councillor Paul Fleming

Councillor Kevin Campbell

Councillor Colly Kelly

Councillor Patricia Logue

Councillor Eric McGinley

Councillor Barney O Hagan

Councillor Mickey Cooper

Councillor Lynn Fleming

Councillor Tony Hassan

Councillor Elisha McCallion


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