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We need MPs from real world

Politicians and commentators argue that it is positive that our elected representatives have contact with the "real world" by pursuing other careers when they are supposed to be working for their constituents (Saturday Review, February 28).

How many MPs maintain other work as cleaners, factory workers, trade union officials, nurses or teachers? None, of course. There are, however, particularly among Conservatives, many who retain major interests, including directorships, in businesses.

It is inevitable that such people are reluctant to seriously root out tax avoidance, but are happy to see austerity being inflicted on the poorest.

Not only is an MP's salary good, but MPs can command huge sums as a result of "what they have done, what they know and who they know" when they leave parliament. With more people in Parliament from a background in the real world, we would have a democracy that better serves the majority rather than the rich and powerful.


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