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We need politicians who will serve British people

CURRENT events in Hong Kong are a lesson for us all. More than 3million British subjects were abandoned by their government in 1997 and handed over to a foreign power without their consent.

Their struggle for democracy should be supported by those of us in Northern Ireland who know how a government can betray their subjects, a timely lesson as our government initiates talks involving foreign governments.

Talks are necessary at this time, but caution about what is on the table must be exercised.

Our government will not speak out to support democracy, even though it is obliged by international treaty for a period of 50 years to ensure the implementation of the promise made at the handover of Hong Kong to exercise democracy.

Excuses, such as Chinese trade opportunities, will be brought up as vital to the national interest, ignoring the plight of both our fellow British subjects in Hong Kong and British workers in the UK whose jobs are lost due to the cheap imports of poor quality goods made by exploited workers in China.

There was once a time when the £260bn spent annually by our government on public procurement was spent on British goods and services, protecting British jobs and workers, but those days are over due to interfering European Union procurement laws.

We need politicians whose aim is to serve the British people by protecting both their freedoms and by providing jobs for British workers - not jobs for foreign citizens paid for by British taxpayers' money under restrictive EU laws.


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