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We need to get real over SF's objectives

Following the unnecessary collapse of the Executive, the DUP and other parties need to open their eyes and see what is really there.

On October 20, 2015 it was clearly assessed by MI5 and the PSNI that Sinn Fein was still being directed by the army council of the Provisional IRA.

It follows, therefore, that Sinn Fein will never be allowed to do anything to maintain, or improve, the state of Northern Ireland, as this would delay the ultimate aim of the IRA to obtain a united Ireland by any means.

The RHI saga and Brexit provided the excuse for the IRA, through Sinn Fein, to act upon uncertainties and doubt and spin stories to promote their core cause and objective.

The election being called is certainly not in the best interests of Northern Ireland.

At the time, it sounded good that the Belfast Agreement brought peace to Northern Ireland; but that was all show and spin when the people of Northern Ireland needed and craved peace.

The sad truth is that nothing can ever be stable with a group at the heart of government, whose primary objective is to destroy the very state of Northern Ireland.

To vote for Sinn Fein is to prolong misgovernment and uncertainty.


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