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We need to question UK involvement in Libya

Libya, so many questions so few answers! Why is UK getting involved here?

I thought we had no money! Does Cameron think bankrupt UK still rules the waves?

We are already heavily committed to fighting in Afghanistan even though nobody appears to know why! All that we can be sure of is that they will keep sending home brave young men in coffins with full military honours and for what exactly?

Why are we as a country supporting the uprising in Libya but ignoring what is happening to protesters elsewhere in countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and just a few years ago, Zimbabwe?

Why has Cameron the power to commit UK forces?

It seems like he's a one man band, practically a dictator.

Even the media seems to be right behind this gung-ho approach but what happens if Gadaffi can't be shifted?

Do we send in ground troops? Just what is the is short-term or long-term plan?

Has anyone any idea?


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