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We need to win back freedoms

GOVERNMENT propaganda is producing fear and the fear that's being manipulated justifies policies which restrict our freedoms. Take the 'War on Terror'.

In the last 12 years, hundreds of thousands have died – hundreds of times more than died on 9/11. Yet it is the events of 9/11 that we're supposedly fighting to prevent from happening again.

Allied forces have produced hundreds of 9/11s in the last 12 years. The absurdity is stark, but rarely highlighted by mainstream news, which is busy publicising Government propaganda.

We need to stop believing in the illusion that governments tell truths and the mainstream news report facts in an unbiased way.

We need to question government statements. We need to digest news with a critical mind. We need to think for ourselves more. We need to organise together to win back the freedoms and relative independence we once had.

We may, some day, even organise society so that it benefits everyone – not just the tiny minority.


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