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We owe it to NHS to be more responsible

Discussions on resolving the pressures on the NHS more often than not fail to focus on the personal responsibility of all citizens to contribute to the much-needed solutions.

Ever-tightening resources and increasing waiting lists are painful realities that must be addressed by those we elect, and the current political impasse is most unhelpful.

However, if we're serious about long-term solutions, we need also to put the spotlight on ourselves and how our individual choices either perpetuate or alleviate the problem.

So many life choices - be it the food, drink or drugs consumed, how we choose to drive on our roads or lead our personal lives - are contributing to the problem.

Sadly, too often our legitimate right to have access to a fit-for-purpose healthcare system is thwarted by a refusal to acknowledge a personal responsibility.

A better balance of rights and responsibilities wouldn't, on its own, solve everything, but it would certainly help.



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