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We ratepayers deserve better

Having spent a depressing day walking through the mausoleum that is Coleraine's Diamond Shopping Centre plus the equally dank town itself, I cheered myself up, thinking 'well at least we're finally getting B&M superstores.

Now I discover from a member of the aforesaid's staff that the plan to bring B&M to Coleraine has stalled, however they are looking for new premises.

Nobody could give me details, but I just thought 'typical'. When it comes to Coleraine, there's always a problem.

Go to Ballymena and see a town prospering, a town proud to advertise itself as somewhere worth visiting. Coleraine? Can anyone recall one single advert? I don't - unless they are confined to 2 o'clock in the morning.

It's time whoever is in charge of this sad and sorry place was given a good dressing-down. The ratepayers deserve better.

This is a university town (it has been for 40 years) so it's high time to get a move-on and give us some consumer choice.




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