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We should be proud of great health service

In these days of ever increasing complaints over our health service I want to offer an opposite view – one of praise and gratitude of dedication, professionalism and humanity.

On Monday, September 15, I was unfortunate enough to have been involved in a car accident. I was not seriously hurt, but was taken by ambulance to hospital.

At every step of the way the people I encountered treated me with humanity, respect, professionalism, and with a touch of Norn Irish humour.

On hearing the ambulance was going to the Royal, I can't deny that this filled me with dread, largely due to all the negative publicity. However, my experience changed my views and I hope will reassure others.

Everyone introduced themselves. The ambulance personnel were patient and professional.

The nursing, medical and radiography staff, while competently carrying out their roles, treated me with respect, compassion, dignity, humanity and a touch of humour.


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