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We should be proud of response to Berkeley tragedy

At a time when we have all been reeling in shock in the aftermath of the Berkeley tragedy, I have to say that I was so proud of the young students in California for the dignity in which they organised and carried out the candlelit vigil in complete silence in the park.

Sometimes, silence carries a lot more meaning than endless talking and the fact they were able to draw together in their grief and remember their college mates and friends in an appropriate manner was fantastic.

I think every parent empathised with them on hearing the horrendous news last week. So many of us have sent our children off on these trips and they serve a great purpose in making them more independent, letting them see a bit more of the world.

It is right that they should fly the nest and hopefully this appalling tragedy won't stop parents letting their children go.

Sometimes there tends to be negative publicity about young people, but it was inspiring to read of how one boy managed to block the fall of a young girl and, in so doing, suffer great injury himself.

There are long, hard roads ahead and I have no doubt over the months ahead the same courageous young people will continue to help the families of the bereaved by way of visiting and calling them and sharing happy memories.

We have lost six lovely, talented youngsters who had their whole lives ahead of them. Hopefully, their families will be able to focus on happy memories and on what they had achieved to date.


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